The idea of what a “signature talk” is very misunderstood.

Let’s first get clear on what a signature talk is NOT:

Many people feel they are already great presenters with great content.

That has nothing to do with a signature talk.

Many people feel they are great storytellers and have a captivating stage presence.

This has nothing to do with a signature talk.

Many people feel they have presentation titles and descriptions already.

You guessed it, this has nothing to do with a signature talk.

Now let’s talk about what a signature talk can do for you:

If you feel like you are not getting booked enough.

You need a signature talk.

If you feel like you are constantly chasing clients and they aren’t chasing you.

You need a signature talk.

If you feel like if you just need to be given a chance but keep feeling like the best-kept secret in their niche…

You need a signature talk.

A signature talk is something that all the greats have, and everyone who is frustrated with their speaking career doesn’t have one. It’s NOT a regular presentation. Nor is it a sales pitch.

Here’s what a signature talk actually is:

A signature talk is your single most effective tool in attracting and booking more speaking engagements and attracting high-quality clients because it’s a presentation that incorporates your core messaging, unique point of view, your signature story, and most importantly…

…shifts your audience’s perspective.

​I’ll give you a little insight, this strategy coupled with my Pregnant Pet Presentation strategy is all you need to

start impacting the world with your message in a way that makes your soul feel full.

It’s how I grow my speaking with business without cold calling or chasing people who don’t want to hear from me.

Here’s an example of what happens after giving a signature talk to a pregnant pet audience:

All those folks turn into leads who look forward to hearing from me and helps me spread my message and fill my speaking calendar!


When your signature talk is crafted correctly, it becomes the presentation you are known for, it becomes the talk people want to book you for which then allows you to get spin-off business by teaching your other keynotes/workshops. It’s a presentation that causes your audience to see the world differently and see themselves in that world differently. It is what causes a room full of people to say “I need to hire that speaker!” It’s what causes your outreach emails to get opened, read, and responded to.

Imagining putting together a signature talk that causes your audience to decide for themselves they should work with you. Imagine being able to express the important work you do in a way that people get, want, and drives the growth of your business!

If you would like help crafting your signature talk and getting it in front of pregnant pet audiences. NOW is the most important time in history. With the world opening up, the floodgates of speaking opportunities are open like nothing I’ve ever seen.

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Before you schedule a call, you have to be someone that has a track record of success living what you want to teach (please don’t schedule a call telling me you want to teach people how to make a million dollars if you haven’t done so yet.) You have to be willing to be committed to hard work. You can’t expect to make a million dollars giving a minimum wage effort, make sense? And you have to be done playing a small game and be ready to step into the next version of yourself.

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